Beginner Lessons

Always wanted to learn how to windsurf? Now is your chance! As a member of the SCC you get access to free windsurfing lessons starting the first or second week of July - once Ramsey Lake warms up! It takes about 3 lessons to become certified in this program. 

Please book your lessons in advance by emailing the SCC (subject line: Windsurfing Inquiry) as lessons fill up.

Intermediate Lessons

Intermediate lessons are offered as wind conditions permit. Get your name on our contact list by emailing the SCC so you can learn how to:

  • Use a harness

  • Use the footstraps

  • Water start

  • Carve gybe

  • Go faster!


The club has a wide range of equipment that is suitable for the beginner to the most advanced windsurfer. Our gear is fully rigged, ready to use and covers any conditions you will find on Ramsey Lake.

Activity Co-Chairs


Jeffrey Wood
Joined the SCC in 2005 and is a certified windsurfing instructor. Windsurfing since 1982 - the ever changing interaction between the wind, water and board that first got me windsurfing keeps me coming back year after year.

Roger Jackson

Discovered board sailing by accident, but quickly became addicted to both the mesmerizing sensation of light-wind sailing and the exhilarating dynamics of surfing across the wave tops. Have been assisting/teaching for about 10 years, and can't think of a better way to spend the warm summer evenings than gliding across Ramsey Lake.


To start your windsurfing lessons, email (subject: Windsurfing Inquiry).

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