Practical, hands-on canoeing lessons for members interested in recreational paddling.

Develop your paddling skills, canoe knowledge, and safety techniques so you can enjoy the sport of tandem canoeing on calm and windy days. A 2-4km paddle on Ramsey Lake will put your skills to the test! 

Activity Co-Chairs


Rob Marcolini
A member of the SCC since 1990 and has been primarily involved with canoeing but enjoys all disciplines of the club. Looking forward to occupying the third facility since first joining.

Robert Gregoris
Trained in NCCP Marathon. An active member in the Sudbury Paddling Community, Rob Gregoris is an accomplished boat builder, and dragon boat steersman who's often found helping out new paddlers.


To request a canoeing lesson, email sudburycanoeclubon@gmail.com (subject: Canoeing Inquiry).

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