We believe diversity is the key to develop a highly skilled athlete. With safety at the forefront, we teach whitewater kayaking skill training with the help of the fastest growing paddling discipline: kayak polo. 

The Game

Kayak polo (also known as canoe polo) is a team sport where two 5 person teams try to score a goal on suspended nets. The game pitch is small enough that the game can move indoors into a Olympic size pool during the winter time, also giving the coach close reach to all athletes during the practices and games for quick corrections and advices. The athletes can pass the ball to each other using their hands or paddle. Rules allow boat contact, where the short kayaks can be moved around by pushing with the soft padded nose of the opponent’s boat.

The skills developed during this game are essential in order to move onto whitewater kayaking skill development, where solid rolling skills and good boat control guarantees an effortless training session in a moving water environment.


Instructions, boats, paddles, spray skirts and helmets with face guards are all provided by the club. 

All practices are coached, and white water activities are dependent on river conditions. 


Gergely Lanci
Currently the Commodore of the SCC, Gergely joined the SCC in 2002 with a vision to re-establish sprint racing and competitive paddling disciplines in Sudbury. As a competitive athlete in Hungary, he trained in Gyor - one of the finest canoeing training facilities and host of World Championships. He has been publicly recognized for his contribution to the Northern Water Sports Centre by receiving the ‘40 under 40’ award in 2008. 


Interested in playing water polo or learning how to whitewater kayak? Email sudburycanoeclubon@gmail.com (subject: Kayak Polo Inquiry).

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