2018 Canadian Marathon Canoe Championships Race Schedule

Course Description

The racecourse starts at the Sudbury Canoe Club and sends competitors across Ramsey Lake to the first 250m portage into Bethel Lake. A short paddle across Bethel Lake brings paddlers to a second portage, 200m, into South Bay of Ramsey Lake where they head north and then west for the final leg back to the Sudbury Canoe Club.... Congratulations, you've just completed one 10k loop of a two loop course; if doing a 20k, keep going!

2018 Race Map reduced.jpg

Saturday Schedule

9:00 AM

Pro C2 - Senior Men             20km

Pro C2 - Masters I Men         20km

Pro C2 - Masters II Men        20km

Pro C2 - Masters III Men       20km

Stock C2 Men                       20km

Stock C2 Women                 20km

ICF C2 Mixed                        20km

ICF K2 Mixed                        20km

9:05 AM

USCA C1 - Senior Women     10km

USCA C1 - Masters Women    10km

11:30 AM

Pro C2 Junior Men                   10km

Pro C2 Junior Women             10km

Pro C2 Juvenile Men               10km

Pro C2 Juvenile Women          10km

Pro C2 Bantam (both genders) 5km

Sat. 3:00 PM

USCA C1 - Senior Men              10km

USCA C1 - Masters I Men          10km

USCA C1 - Masters II Men         10km

USCA C1 - Masters III Men         10km

Pro C2 - Senior Women            20km

Pro C2 - Masters I Women        20km

Pro C2 - Masters II Women       20km

Stock C1 Open                           10km

ICF C1 Men                                 10km

ICF C1 Women                            10km

ICF K1 Men                                  20km

ICF K1 women                            20km

OC1 Men                                    10km

OC1 Women                               10km

Rec Tandem Men                      10km

Rec Tandem Women                10km

Kayak Touring Men                   10km

Kayak Touring Women             10km

Sunday Schedule

9:00 AM

Pro C2 - Seniors Mixed       20km

Pro C2 - Masters I Mixed     20km

Pro C2 - Masters II Mixed     20km

Pro C2 Mixed - Junior           10km

Pro C2 Mixed - Juvenile       10km

Stock C2 Mixed                    20km

ICF K2 Men                            20km

ICF K2 Women                       20km

ICF C2 Men                             10km

ICF C2 Women                        10km

Rec Tandem Mixed                 10km

SUP Men                                 20km

SUP Women                            20km

3:00 PM

USCA C1 Men - Junior              5km

USCA C1 Women - Junior         5km

USCA C1 Men - Juvenile           5km

USCA C1 Women - Juvenile      5km

Pro C2 Adult-Junior                   5km

North Canoes                             5km

OC6                                            5km